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ASE files

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It may or may not be the only program but 3DSMAX exports ASE files (Ascii Standard Export, i think), there are loads of options when you export as to what will be included in the file but the example I am looking at now includes the following:

position, rotation and scale

number of vertices
number of faces
a vertex list
a face list describing which verteces make up each face and which edges of the triangle should be anti-aliased

number of texture verteces
a list of texture verteces
a texture face list describing which texture verteces apply to which vertex on which face

no normals are defined in this example but the ASE format can extend to include lots of other data - animation paths for example, it may support a list of normals as well but why not just generate them yourself? You would have to do this anyway if you deformed the mesh and one day you will certainly want to do exactly that. Anyway, not that I mind but why are you asking when you could have just opened an ASE file and looked? ;}

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