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I wanna begin Programming in DirectX what Do I need

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I am still a begginer but I have used Open GL what Do I need and any tutorials I wish to do a 3rd person game similar to Tomb Raider Zelda and Deep Space Nine The Fallen I have being using Dark Basic but it has no Multiplayer and I want to use Direct X Please Help Slade has spoken http://www.gameprogramming.co.uk so visit my site now

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It is a sad but true fact.

The words "beginner", "never used DirectX", and "want to make a game similar to Tomb Raider, Zelda, and Deep Space Nine: The Fallen", don''t go together well in the same sentence.

Look, I''m not saying you can''t make those games, I''m not even saying that you can''t make those games on your own. But I am saying you can''t make a game like that right now. Here is my worthless suggestion (sorta worthless because I''m not even messing with 3d right now).

Here is what I would do

It seems you know C/C++ or at least some language that can use OpenGL. I would use C/C++ for DirectX, but you can also use VB. If you don''t know either VB or C/C++, I suggest you learn one now. I don''t have a preference because I don''t know VB, but I will have a preference when I learn VB. But I know C++, so I do know about DirectX.

Anyways, if you picked C++, I suggest these books.
* Inside DirectX
* Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus Volume 1
* Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus Volume 2 (when it comes out, plus it will have 3d info, so you can make that Tomb Raider)
* I''ve also heard a lot of good stuff about Code Complete

Once you have a good grasp of the language, I would start making simple games, I''m still trying to do the first of the list of simple games, but I think the ladder would be something like this.

* 2d Pong Clone

* Tetris Clone

* Asteriods Clone

* A really simple sidescroller, like the original Mario Brothers for the Nes.

At this point I would guess you would have enough game knowledge to make a 3d game, so, after reading up on TOTWGPG Volume 2,...

* 3d version of Pong

From here on out, I have no idea. But I think you would when you got to this point so I''ll stop.

Like I have already said, I''m still working on Tetris so I may just be talking out of my *bleep* My list isn''t totally guess though because I have put it together using the posts of other experienced programmers and logic. But, unless technology seriously progresses, I think you are going to need a team to make a Tomb Raider like game.

And if you don''t believe me, search the boards until you see another (excuse the term) newbie ask the same question as you, and I can almost guarantee you that you''ll see the exact same answer, unless the replier likes to flame.


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