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Game Blender 2.0

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Has anyone ever played with a program called Game Blender? from a company called "Not A Number". I got it a couple of weeks ago and have been wondering how to export walkthroughs developed with Game Blender into an OpenGL program. You can get a free copy of Blender at: Really cool program for those of us with limited experience in game development.

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Yea, I found this program a long time ago. Now I make all 3D animations for my games with it!!
I wrote a program (ASO-Creator) which is able to load in the VRML files for a model format
like the md2...
I found out how to use the matrix information for OpenGL in the end of this format for...
and now I am able to create models with seperate parts which could be blend in or out!!
You could find it with source-code on my homepage:

At the moment there is still a problem in Blender... the texture coords are not saved correctly
in a VRML file... I asked 'Not a Number' and they told me that they working on...

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