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Flat tiles vs Warcraft II style

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It seems to me that all my posts lately have been something vs something else... Anyway, I have decided I want to work on a tile basted RTS game. I have a simple (one layer and growing...) tile engine for the map. This post may be a little ahead of myself, but what the heck. Should I have everything in my game be viewed top down (100% straight down... you can''t see the sides of anything) which is really easy (no need for multiple images for each direction... DD can rotate a single image) or should I go with somewhat-isometric images like in Warcraft II? The WII images would look better, but I am a really lousy animate object drawer (I am good at landscapes, trees, buildings, etc... really bad at animals/people). I don''t think I could draw all the units facing every direction, in every animation sequence... So I am leaning towards flat... any suggestions? --------------------

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I think on of the most important factor that should influence your descision is:

Will that player be able to tell the difference between the various units in a top-down map?

If the answer is NO then you should go for 45 degree top-down (warcraft/starcraft, etc. style)

If the answer is YES then you have two options, either do them the way you feel most comfortable with, or find yourself an artist to do them for you.

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You could try the idea I''m using.

I like the isometric view, so I''m going to use it in my tile-based game. But I can''t draw, let alone at 30 degree incline at various rotations. So I''m going to use a 3D renderer to make it for me. You just make up one object, set up the camera at the right spot and type, and then render it at a whole bunch of different rotations. Heck, make an animation out of it!

How bout that?


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