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Question about ZBuffers...

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Ive created a ZBuffer in my direct x application, and set the render state to use z buffering but am running into a bit of a problem. I am using transformed and lit vertexes, and if the z value is anything greater then .0000001 or something the object will not draw on the screen, even if there is nothing else on the screen. Is there a minimum and maximum z value applied to the zbuffer? How is precision determined, becuase if I blit 2 triangles (tranformed and lit) to the surface it doesnt seem to apply a ver precisice calculation. I want to use 3d sprites in Direct 3d and use the z buffer to determin which overlap which. Any suggestions? Lep

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just some ideas out of many possibilities...

1) make sure you clear the z buffer every frame
2) (fyi, z buffers have a floating point precision problem, but it should be good enough for most needs) that small number may be written as a zero value because when the triangle is rasterized, the calculations reduce the precision even more and produce a depth value of 0.
3) the z buffer comparison function may be messed up, or writing things the "wrong" way (perhaps it''s taking 0 as closest, larger values as farther, or even perhaps negative values as farther). im not totally sure about the specifics of directx settings.

hope this helps.

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