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ive been using it for quite some time.

blitz3d offers a robust platform to create games with. the language itself is kindof limiting though, hence why i dont use it anymore. if youre a beginner you will only be gratefull for that though.

the still in beta blitzmax is much more flexible, but as of yet the 3d module to give it the same easy 3d commands as blitz3d is still in development.

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Yes.. Check out my homepage Dayzero Games to see some complete games that can state as examples of what you can do with it.

I'm only into 2D games for now so I can't really tell about the 3D part but it looks like there is quite much to explore in that part to.

As for 2D games it has pretty much every thing you need to learn the magics of how to go about to develop games and what it takes regarding Game Design etc.

But don't be fooled into beleaving that you can make decent game in just a few rows of code... it may still take several thousands of lines of code for a complete game.

Good luck!

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