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No Zbuffering for transformed vertexes?

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Im trying to get Zbuffering to work in my program but am having a difficult time get the images to display in the correct order. I set the z buffer up with no error and attach it. I enable Z buffering and clear the buffer every frame, but whenever I set my tranformed lit vertex z values to more then 1 the triangle doesnt display at all - this is fine becuase the zbuffer has a max value of 1.0 right? But the order always seems to be in the order I draw the objects to the screen. ie if I set the value of z to .1 draw it and then set all its vertexes to .5 and draw it the last tiangle drawn is visble. yet is I first set it to .5 then to .1 still the last triangle drawn is on top! Please help! Lep

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