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OpenGL Bitmap Fonts (NeHe tutorial 13) for Linux

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Hey, I was trying to use some of the linux code provided (from NeHe) for displaying fonts with OpenGL (in Linux), but I get the following errors when starting up the program (i.e. executing BuildFont): X Error of failed request: BadFont (invalid Font parameter) Major opcode of failed request: 132 (GLX) Minor opcode of failed request: 12 (X_GLXUseXFont) Resource id in failed request: 0x1000001 Serial number of failed request: 33 Current serial number in output stream: 35 This problem seems to go away if I remove the last line in the BuildFont function, "XCloseDisplay(dpy);". Is it fine to just remove this line, or is there a "proper" fix for this? FYI: GLvoid BuildFont(GLvoid) { Display *dpy; XFontStruct *fontInfo; // storage for our font. base = glGenLists(96); // storage for 96 characters. // load the font. what fonts any of you have is going // to be system dependent, but on my system they are // in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/*, with fonts.alias and // fonts.dir explaining what fonts the .pcf.gz files // are. in any case, one of these 2 fonts should be // on your system...or you won't see any text. // get the current display. This opens a second // connection to the display in the DISPLAY environment // value, and will be around only long enough to load // the font. dpy = XOpenDisplay(NULL); // default to DISPLAY env. fontInfo = XLoadQueryFont(dpy, "-*-helvetica-medium-r-normal--18-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1"); if (fontInfo == NULL) { fontInfo = XLoadQueryFont(dpy, "fixed"); if (fontInfo == NULL) { printf("no X font available?\n"); } } glXUseXFont(fontInfo->fid, 32, 96, base); XFreeFont(dpy, fontInfo); XCloseDisplay(dpy); } Thanks in advance...

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