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Z-Games Project Blizzard (formerly Project One)

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This is a new, improved, and simplified version of the thread on the bottom of the page. In the 24th century, the Dominion had begun to lose the grip it had on most of known space for centuries. With the annexation of the Mithridians, things fell apart - Mithridian "freedom fighters" (Mithridians which fight hard to attempt to win back total independence, in the false belief that the Dominion was attempting to crush its culture and traditions) have turned the tides against you, and by the end of 50 carnage-filled years of combat, the Dominion had almost completely lost all of its territories past Outcast, an extremely large star used as a galactic landmark, and was deep in a life-and-death struggle to prevent the overzealous and faithful enemy from slitting their throat. That's where the EliteOps come in. You play as Sargeant Major Ethan Hood, commander of the fourth squadron in the Hellcat platoon. After a botched mission on a mysterious alien planet, you join the ranks of the Dominion warship Metacom (damaged on the previous assignment). Unfortunately for you, navigation systems crash while the ship is still in slipspace, and the ship is led drastically off course - right into the waiting hands of the enemy, in orbit of one of their most populated military installations.. But, they have gained control of their "Reclaimers", or Wraiths (a cybernetic/parasitic enemy that "converts" any organism marked as an enemy, transforming them into a semi-robotic lifeform), and plan to transport them to Earth via the Metacom. As the Wraiths and Mithridians progressively claim the Metacom, the Captain, in his final moments, gives you his personal AI and neural lace, and activates the auto-destruct sequence; you just barely make the last departing dropship as explosions pepper the ship - but the sequence fails, and the Metacom plunges to the glassy surface of the Mithridian planet below. You survive unscathed, but as the enemy gains on your forces further, you are forced to dive beneath the planet and discover its untold secrets... [Edited by - NightBlade32 on March 7, 2005 6:58:56 PM]

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