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and operators to stream data

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I am writing a server and want to send data to a client using the >> and << operators. I already have it working a little:
Inside Client Class:

void operator<<(char *data){
	string msg = data;
	msg += "\n";
	if(send(socket, msg.c_str(), strlen(msg.c_str()), 0) == SOCKET_ERROR)
The problem is that it only works with one operator. I need to be able to send in more than one feild. I also want it to concatinate all the feilds together before sending them. So, if I called: client<<"Your value is "<<x<<endl; It would put all the arguments together and only call one send command. I'm thinking what I need to do is make a new class called cstream, and overload it's << operator to return the address of a cstream and to take types like char*, int, double, anything I want serilized, ect. Then I need to overload the clients << operator for types of cstream, as well as any other type that can be single called. Is that right or would there be a better way not needing an intermediate class? If I just write Client::operator<< to accept and return a Client it would stream, but then I don't think it could tell if it was the last call or not. Even thought about writing something like: client.send()<<"Hello"<<endl; client.send() would be called after the data was all put together, and it would work because it would return a refrence to the calling class. I kindof like that method because it allows input to be gathered without being sent, and means only one class is needed. Which way do you think is best?

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You should really create a new streambuf type for that. Overloading the << and >> operators should be reserved for creating new types. Also you're supposed to return a reference to the stream you're operating on.

I wrote a socket class for streambuf, but I haven't tested it yet, it's part of a project I'm trying to make and I'm still putting the basic pieces together at the moment. Working on a thread class at the moment. If you want it I'll share it but no guarentees that it'll work right.

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Example program:

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "socket.hpp"

int main()
SocketStream sstream(80, "");

sstream << "GET / HTTP/1.0\n" << std::endl;

std::string line;
std::getline(sstream, line);
std::cout << "Read: " << line << std::endl;

std::cout << "Done!" << std::endl;

return 0;

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