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State-based AI in a constrained environment

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In the Consoles and PDA forum I posted a link to a MIDP (cell-phone) game I wrote. The enemy AI uses layers of state tables, something I've posted about a number of times in this forum. If anyone is intersted in seeing the behaviour layers of state-tables can produce I encourage you to download the game to your cell-phone (or cell-phone emulator). Visit the Consoles and PDA forum to see the post. I cannot gaurantee the program will be available for more than 24 hours (my IP might change). The level progession in the game is stricly an increase in difficulty of the enemy AI (and number of tanks). The enemy tanks never drive any faster, or shoot any faster. Their shooting range is always the same. One other thing I would like to point out is that the enemy tanks never actually know where you are; they are only aware of your general direction. This is because determining precise angles and what not would have been too computationally expensive for the platform (with all of the other stuff going on). Even so you might notice the enemy tanks making use of terrain cover, leading their shots, and at times trying to route you. All of this is possible by very simple, computationally inexpensive rules, and the effect of layering them. Even the 'tank like' motion of the enemies is an artifact of the state tables. I hope you enjoy! Will

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