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Need help figuring out how to design an efficient container for data

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Alright, my ongoing process of creating this game has led me to a dead end when I try to get the value of a nested pointer from another class' struct array's pointer in an int array. Ya pretty bad design. So I wanted to redo this part a lot better; working for that matter. I was considering something like this:
int *Map = new int[Y][X];
I'd then fill those values up, write it to a file in binary using fwrite(), then fread() them into my engine from file when I call that file. I have a class that handles the importing of the map data for my game, then I pass a pointer over to my other class which handles/sort the data that the other class imports. Do any of you think this is a good idea for storing my data and being able to actually read it when I try to read the value that it points to? This is the mess I have now that I want to redo:
struct sMap{ int *tile_ID; bool *clip; }; //Our map's tile and clipping data

//Create new map struct arrays
	Map = new sMap[Header->y];

	for(int i=0; i < Header->y; i++)
		//Make 'new' vars
		Map.tile_ID = new int[Header->x];
		Map.clip = new bool[Header->x];

		for(int q=0; q < Header->x; q++)
			//Set vars
			Map.tile_ID[q] = rand() % 3;
			Map.clip[q] = 0;
Somehow I still think that my method is goin to screw up into a mess again. :S

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hmm, since your using C++ (or that's how it looks, since your using the new keyword, I would do something like this (Note: Untested code):

template<typename Type>
class Array2D {
Type** array;
int width, height;
Array2D(int width, int height) : array(new Type[width][height]) {
this->width = width;
this->height = height;
~Array2D() {
for (int i = 0; i < width; i++) {
delete[] array[width];

Type& get(int width, int height) {
return array[width][height];

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