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Plus heap memory

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You have to use interrupt call...
Check out the interrupt list for DOS. I think it''s INT 33h, but I''m not sure. You''ll have to work with pages of 16k. You need to reserve those pages, select one and then work with it with a pointer in low memory. This is not difficult, but I suggest you make a wrapper or interface to get it easy and transparent.
If you need help, I think I can found an old program I made at school, or I can give advices.

If you just want to make a console game, you may wish to use some librairies and work with 32-bit protected mode... it could let you do a malloc of say 2Mb or an array variable of 600x2000...

BTW, you can do an allocation of 300k if you want. Even in low memory (except for SMALL memory model).

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