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masm... what the AN MASM?

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masm sounds great.... a whay to interface with machine language without leaving C or C++ sounds great but whare do i get one... i just got a book that makes use of one and assumes i have one... (Game programing Gurus)(and yes that is a LaMothe` book but thankfully thay have others to try and debuge his mistakes but that is another thread....) but what is an MASM.... and how do i use it....(how do i make it work properly with my compiler) but most importantly how do i get one... (can i barrow or download it) and i checked msdn but all it had was articles no downloads... so please help...

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one more thing am i soposed to know machine language....
do you know it?
because LaMothe talks like its comon english....
fortunatly i dont have to use it much....

but the MASM is really bothering me he never explains what it is or whare to get one?( it wasent on the disk )

thanx for your time....

Keep conjuring the undead, my friends...

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MASM is Microsoft's Assembler for Windows.

I'm pretty sure its available as part of the 'Processor Pack' for Visual C++, at:


Its also included in the Platform SDK download from MSDN.

I'd suggest ignoring assembly language for now. Its helpful to know assembly, especially for code optimization (even if you dont use assembler, its good if you know what the compiler is, in general, doing with your code and how fast or slow that might be)... But most games written these days for the PC are completely in C or C++.

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one more thing....
the book was Tricks of the Game Programing Gurus...(dos)
Not Windows... with the 2d and 3d stuff
though i think both are similar....

just thought i would clear that up....

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x86 asm to be specific.
assembly is different on each type of processor.
All Intel processors have a core set of instructions that are the same, each new processor adds new instructions...
AMD processor support the same core x86 instructions and have thier own extentions (3D Now!)

you don''t have to have masm to use assembly in your C code.

//increments i

mov eax, i
inc eax
mov i, eax

Sweet, that processor pack includes support for 3D Now! & SSE

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