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Im new to opengl, and I want to make a project that involves spheres but I don''t know how to draw a sphere... I could make it using many triangles but that would take forever... Is there any willing people out there that will help me.. please Many thanks Alan Also people please lay off NeHe he''s been an asset his tutorials are the best on the net and have taught me a great deal about OpenGL in less that a week... I hope all the problems get resolved... what are we programmers or a group of little kids? Thanks IF YA SMELL... WHAT THE BEZZ IS COOKIN''''

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glut has a function to draw spheres:
void glutSolidSphere(GLdouble radius, GLint slices, GLint stacks);
void glutWireSphere(GLdouble radius, GLint slices, GLint stacks);

Søren Olesen

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no problem,

look into:

void gluSphere(
GLUquadricObj * qobj,
GLdouble radius,
GLint slices,
GLint stacks

(from the glu library)

I can't remember of the top of my head how to use it, but I've just looked at some Delphi code of mine so here's a (hopefully correct) c++ translation:

gluQuadricObjs Sphere;
gluQuadricDrawStyle(Sphere, GLU_FILL);
gluQuadricNormals(Sphere, GLU_SMOOTH);
gluSphere(Sphere, 5.0, 16, 16);

I hope this helps you out.


/engage pissed off mode

Bezzant - You're damn right about NeHe. Jeff has been working his ass off for the community. Helping others whilst expecting nothing in return. Then along come these dickheads who can do nothing but bitch about him and moan because he hasn't personally handed them the moon on a fucking stick. If these people don't have anything constructive to offer Jeff for his site they should fuck off and stay under their stones.

/me steps down from soap box

Edited by - Poontardis on November 5, 2000 1:20:35 PM

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A while back there was a post called 'Ball' and that showed every possible way to drw a sphere, that should help a lot here's the url: Ball Post

Open mouth, insert foot

Edited by - oglman on November 5, 2000 12:59:27 PM

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