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Nokia PC suite: Programs that only need one process are for wimps!

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PC Suite tends to lose my phone. It's there - all other programs can find it, and if I close down everything apart from PC Suite my phone still declares that there's an open Bluetooth connection to my PC. PC Suite thinks otherwise. I've knocked out a simple batch file to kill PC Suite. So far it looks like this:
TASKKILL /IM "Launch Application 2.exe" /F
TASKKILL /IM PcSync2.exe /F
ECHO If all tasks report process not found, my work here is done. Hit Ctrl+C
ECHO or close this window.
ECHO Otherwise, hit any other key to try and kill the other processes!
The reason I have to loop is that I'm not too good at this sort of thing and if there are 7 DATALA~.exe processes running I need to run TASKKILL on it 7 times. If someone could point out how to use errorlevel, I'd be very happy - the idea was that I would do this:
TASKKILL /IM "Launch Application 2.exe" /F
if errorlevel 0 goto taskA
...in the aim that it would try and kill the process and if it succeeded to loop around until it fails (all processes with that image name killed), but that doesn't work. However, echo %errorlevel% does return the correct results... Anyway - am I missing any processes there? *shakes fist at PC Suite*

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Guest Anonymous Poster
If you think that's bad, try Lotus Notes!

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Original post by pkelly83
PC Suite is crap FULL STOP!

It has some benefits. Installing applications is fastish (just double click a .jar and it sends it after a single confirmation dialog) - but you can't choose which folder to save the app to.

I might have bought Oxygen but for the fact that it doesn't "truly" synch with Outlook. That said, Nokia's software doesn't help either if there's a clash: you can overwrite with the phone in priority or Outlook in priority, but it would clearly have been too much effort to code a confirmation dialog.

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