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Supa Dude

DBP Questions

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Is dark basic pro a good begginer's language? Meaning i can learn the code pretty easily for having little programming exp., and being able to make small begginers games like pacman/tetris/etc. I have also have downloaded a java SDK, but i don't know which direction to go. So, for a begginer should i learn DBP or Java???

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Personally I know little about DarkBasic. However...

If you're completely new to programming, the key issue is to get used to concepts, not the idiosyncracies of a particular language. Hence, to some extent, it doesn't matter what you choose to start programming.

Once you've got your head around stuff like variables, functions and looping, you'll be pretty set up to move to another language a lot more easily.

Everyone will recommend different languages for learning - personally I think it's more important to try something / anything, just to get a feel for it. Later you can find a language that you prefer, or find appropriate for the job in hand. Don't let people tell you that if you want to do games programming you must use C++ - plenty of folks here, and in the world of games programming use other languages (for example, Java for cellphones; C# has been used at a pro-level, and may be important in the next-gen stuff).

Recommendations that typically come up are to start with a Basic language, Python (links for which can be found in the links below), or C(++). The first two I believe are commonly recommended because they have relatively few idiosyncracies - C is recommended ostensibly because of power, speed and prevalence in the games-programming industry.

Oh yeah - another point to bear in mind is that there are differing levels of publicly available documentation for different languages. A quick scoot around google and the links below will help you find everything you need.

Don't forget to check the helpful links:
Forum FAQ
Start here!.

Oh yeah, and welcome to GameDev!

Hope this helps,

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