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Problem using buffer in allegro

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I'm trying to blit everything to a buffer before I turn it over to the screen, but my program crashes on run every time I try to use the buffer at all. I included a header file that declares a BITMAP...well, here's the header...

#include <allegro.h>

#define WIDTH 640
#define HEIGHT 480
#define START_MONEY 100

#define RED makecol(255,0,0)
#define BLUE makecol(0,0,255)
#define YELLOW makecol(255,255,0)
#define WHITE makecol(255,255,255)
#define BLACK makecol(0,0,0)

int money = START_MONEY;
int bgcol = RED;
int txtcol = WHITE;
BITMAP *buffer = create_bitmap(SCREEN_W,SCREEN_H-10);

void setupscreen();


So that should declare the *buffer as global, so I can use it, right? Now here's my main file:
#include "blackjack.h"

void setupscreen()
    //set video mode    
    int ret = set_gfx_mode(MODE, WIDTH, HEIGHT, 0, 0);
    if (ret != 0) {
    textout_centre(buffer,font,"Funky BlackJack",WIDTH/2,20,txtcol);
    //print title
    textprintf(buffer, font, 1, 1, WHITE, "BlackJack Allegro");

    //draw screen border        
    rect(buffer, 0, 12, SCREEN_W-1, SCREEN_H-1, YELLOW);
    rect(buffer, 1, 13, SCREEN_W-2, SCREEN_H-2, YELLOW);

void main(void) 


What am I doing wrong?

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You want to make a video bitmap using the create_video_bitmap() function. Instead of calling the function to create the bitmap in the globals area, you might want to consider creating the video bitmap after setting up your graphics stuff, since calling this function before then will most likely crash it.

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You're attempting to create the bitmap before you initialized Allegro. Heck, you shouldn't even try to create a bitmap before you've set the video mode.

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Also, when you created your buffer variable, you are making it size "SCREEN_W, SCREEN_H-10" Why in the world would you make the Height the screen height minus 10? Then when you try to blit a full screen to the buffer you are going to overflow that BITMAP which will probably crash. I don't remember if allegro automatically clips in a situation like this or not, but I wouldn't try it.

You should never actually define variables in a header. You should only Declare them. If you want the BUFFER to be global, you should declare it like this:

In the Header

extern BITMAP* buffer;

In the Source File

//Inside your main() function, after allegro is initialized.
BITMAP* buffer = create_bitmap(SCREEN_W, SCREEN_H);

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Also, add error checking code to see if the buffer was actually created. Like this:

buffer = create_bitmap(WIDTH, HEIGHT);

if(buffer == NULL)
// error.

You should always do that error check when you load or create a bitmap in allegro.

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