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Skeletal Animation and stuffs

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Hi, anybody know where I can find tutorials or articles on: 1. Skeletal Animation 2. SLERP & Quarternion 3. Vertex Blending 4. Any Skin Deformation Technique besides Vertex Blending I have only found 1 tutorial, the Brett Porter's Skeletal Animation tutorial on rsn.gamedev.net. Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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u should make your own models.
and make your own animator.

you can do it all with axis rotations.

this method gets your humanoid dudes walking/fighting etc.

first select the whole model as a group of vertices.
bind these vertices to the model bone.
then select the body as a group of vertices.
bind these vertices to the body bone.
then the arm then the fingers.
bind these to their bones.
each bone gets a yaw pitch and roll rotation.

the bones have to be given parents in a heirarchy as well
as binding the vertices to the bones.

start from the main bone, rotate all bones underneath it
and all vertices bound to the bone.
the bone is the axis of the rotation.
and just keep going till you reach the last bone then the
model is finished.

this works, but you need a way to edit the animation.

you use the camera look vector to create an axis rotation relative
to which way the camera is looking.
the axis for the mouse moving left and right is the up vector, the
axis for the mouse moving up and down is the right vector.
when you rotate a bone, you have to rotate all the children bones
of that bone also.

and thats the easiest way to do it with no maths.
i do it this way every time.

then you set up your key frames and save to disk and interpolate between
them in the game.

animating faces however is a completely different kettle of fish.

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Thanks, but what I mean is any link containing the tutorials for Skeletal Animation, SLERP, Quarternions, Skin Deformation such as Vertex Blending, etc. I can pretty much figure out the basics of Skeletal Animation from Brett Porter's tutorial. But I need more! So, any help would be appreciated.

And recently I've been reading a paper of another Skin Deformation technigue called Bones Blending. I didn't get much from the paper because I'm the type of guy that learn best from examples and practices, and I've been trying to send e-mails to the author but the mails got returned back. So I've been wondering, anybody here know another source for Bones Blending???


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