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Moving Along a Sphere... my head splode!

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Ok. I have a camera that focuses on an object. Now, I can get the camera to move along a circle that circles the y-axis (ie the cameras x and z coordinates change). I can also get it so it circles around the x-axis or z-axis, but I am at a loss on how to get it to move along all three at once. Essentially, I need a camera to move along a sphere. The controls would be: Right/Left=move left/right, Up/Down=move forward/backwards on the sphere. I have no idea how to do this. I don't want code, because I want to do it :) but any pointers, links, suggestions would be extrememely helpful. I know this is guaranteed to involve lotsa math... the more the merrier :D Oh, and this is my code for moving the camera along a 2D-plane:
void moveCamera(float dist)        // Dist is a the distance to move along the circle
    posOnCircle+=dist;                      // Position on the circle... starts at 0.0f

    float angle = posOnCircle/radius;       // Calculate the angle, in radians
    float deltaX = radius * sin(angle);     // The new base coordinate (not really a change (delta) but w/e)
    float deltaZ = radius * cos(angle); 

    cx = center+(int)deltaX;                // Update camera position (center is just an offset)
    cz = center+(int)deltaZ;

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Not sure if its possible for what you are doing, but have u considered rotating the sphere around itself ( with the camera at a stationary spot, offset from the center of the sphere), instead of rotating the camera around the sphere? Might be a little easier to pull off.

Matt Hughson

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Sounds like you want the equation of a sphere. A cirlce is usually given by the formulas

x = r*cos(theta)
y = r*sin(theta)

For a sphere you need an additional angle

x = r*cos(theta)*sin(thi)
y = r*sin(theta)*sin(thi)
z = r*cos(theta)

You would then vary the two angles with the up/down and left/right input.

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rotate camera and camera position relatively to sphere around camera's right axis for forward/backward, and around up axis for left/right. If camera is pointing not precisely onto object, you might need to make these vectors be orthogonal to vector from object to camera. (that's simple, A=A-A*(A dot B)/(A.Length()*B.Length()) makes A be orthogonal to B )

Or, that's pretty much the same, rotate object/sphere around it's center. Actually just matter of system of reference.

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