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Which way to setup my D3Dvertexbuffer?

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Hey, As you can see, my first post :) ... Don't know if I'm supposed to introduce myself but I think it's a nice gesture to you guys[/girls?], so here it goes... My name is Ad Steyvers, I'm 24, live in The Netherlands and since the start of February I work at a game-company called Zylom [online games]. But I'm already busy for quit some time [5 years with breaks of sometimes a whole year :S ] in gamedevelopment in my sparetime. The situation: Anyway, in sparetime I'm busy on this Diablo-sort of game, more RPG-oriented, turn-based and all kinds of neat features [at least I have in mind]. Now I already made half a 3D-engine in C++, but by poor coding by me, it was one big memoryleak, like a fucked up memorystack and all that crap :) ... So now I'm redoing the whole engine in C#, and optimizizing a big deal of it. Now my problem: I have this tile-based map and I use a nice Line-Of-Sight-algoritm to check which tiles are visible from the player's character viewpoint and which aren't. Since I'm creating the whole game in Direct3D and need to keep the engine fast, I want to use as few vertices as possible. In my old engine I used at least 4 vertices, up to max 8 vertices per tile [4 for an open tile, 8 for a tile with 3 walls]. Since I'm doing all kinds of optimization-things while creating the new engine, I want to implement a fast vertex-storing algoritm. If the field of visible-tiles would always be a rectangle things would be a lot easier, but since I really want to use this Line-Of-Sight-algoritm, the visible tiles could look like this: [] = visible tile <> = player [][][] []<>[][][][][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][] [][][][][][] [][][][][][] or   [] <>[][][][] [] [] The question: Has anybody any idea about how I could best store the vertices? Ofcourse using a vertex- and an indexbuffer, but since I'm into optimizng so much lately :) I think it should be possible using a trianglelist to render the above the visible tiles as fast as possible? Or am I incorrect? Pffff, quite a post... I hope I've been clear on what the problem is, please let me know if something is unclear. Thanks in advance for the help!

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