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Scrolling Game Dev Kit Questions

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I just joined the site today and id like to say hello to everyone! Only a few days ago did i actually start using the Scrolling Game Development Kit (SGDK) but im finding it real easy to do. Ive done a lot of minor programming in C++ VB.NET and java. So far i have only worked with the features of SGDK and havent delved into scripting. I just have a few questions about how to implement a side scrolling game that im using as a starter to further framiliarize myself with SGDK. The Tutorials were great but i could use some outside help. Here's what i got: 1) i am working on a side scrolling map where up requires solid. 2) i would like jumping and attack to only be preformed when pressing buttons. 3) i have a character tileset with animations for: walk left, walk right, jump up, jump left, jump right, attack left, attack right, jump attack left, jump attack right Here is what i need advice on: 1) should i use one sprite for all the different states (as in all the animations i have defined above)? or should i use seperate sprites for each type? ie jump vs walk vs attack vs jump attack 1a)if i use all the same sprite what state type do i choose? 8 directional, and where how do i create subs in my script to handle the different possabilities 1b)if i use all seperate sprites how do i swap to the new sprite to, lets say attack, and have it complete one full animation cycle of that sprite then return to the other? (i see this method as beneficial because i will need different collision detections for when the player is attacking as opposed to when he is standing idle 2) if i choose 8 directional as my state type why do my animations keep playing even when the player is no longer walking, and how do i correct it? 3) also if i choose 8 directional, how do i override the normal action of jumping when up is pressed? I really appreciate any pointers/advice that i can get, the closest to game programming i have done is blackjack and word games haha! I'm sure i will have more questions later but for now these are my main concerns. thanks a bunch!

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