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Rob Loach

INI Files

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The win32 api has some basic functions built in for dealing with initialization files, which may make your job easier.

MSDN Reference (scroll down to the Get/WritePrivateProfile*() stuff)

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Under windows, you can use the GetPrivateProfileString()/WritePrivateProfileString() set of functions for accessing ini files. They're marked as obsolete, but it's unlikely they will be removed anytime soon because they're used by lots of people.

Anyway, I wrote a lightweight ini/cfg file parser some time ago which allows you to navigate an ini file through a simple object model, much like TinyXML for xml files:

int main() {
Confix::Configuration CFG(
"# Simple configuration file\n"
"Hello = World\n"
"Test = 0x40\n"

std::string text = CFG.getSection("SomeSection").getVariable("Hello");
size_t number = CFG.getSection("SomeSection").getVariable("Test");

Might still be a bit larger than what you're looking for, but if you want to check it out: Confix ini file parser (full source is included)


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