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Need help with 3D Racing game engine design

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Okay, I need a little help here. I'm trying to design the graphical part of an engine for a 3D racing game. I'm not that good at this but I figured I would design first before I start coding this time. What I've got so far is from things I've picked up in books and other stuff. I'm using quad-trees for spacial division. I have not included collision yet because that will be part of the physics engine, I'm just working on the graphical part for now. Well, here it is. Over all process
  • check if position has changes
    • YES, clear display list
    • NO, skip to last step
  • start at quad-tree root
    • check if child is visible
      • TRUE, if any point in frustum lies in child area
      • FALSE, otherwise
      • Update processed flag
    • Repeat until each base leaf is reached
  • Add child's polygons to display list
    • group polygons that use same texture
    • organize polygons from closest to farthest
  • Repeat process on other visible child nodes
  • render display list
I would really like to finish this project, so please help if you can I would appreciate it very much!

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I've rewrote the design a little and came up with this now:

Basic process of how the engine works

+Check if position in world has changes
-NO, skip to last step
-YES, clear display list

+Start at quadtree root
+Check if child is visible
+Do any of the FOV planes project into the child's space?
+YES, proceed with bounds checking on children
-mark child as visible
+NO, proceed to next child
-mark child as hidden

+Start at quadtree root
+Is child visible?
+Are any children of this child visible?
-YES, repreat last step on visible children
+Hase the base leaf been reached?
+YES, add each polygon belonging to child to display list
+Sort by texture
-Sort by distance greater to lesser(farthest to closest) on Z axis
-NO, proceed to next child
-NO, proceed to next child

+Draw the display list
-Load polygon group texture
-Draw polygon group
-unload texture
-advance to next polygon group

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