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Question about Dijkstra's algorithm

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Hi, I'm trying to implement Dijkstra's algorithm for pathfinding through a graph of waypoints. My question is, is the order in which you "visit" nodes (pop them out of the priority queue" the same order as the shortest path? This is what I am assuming right now. Whenever I pop a waypoint from the priority queue, I place its waypoint ID number into a separate queue. When I'm done, I have a queue filled with waypoint IDs, from which I can recover positions for my bot to get to. However, the bot is not obeying the graph edges for some reason! If it sets a goal on the other side of the map, it flies (this is a space shooter) straight to it, unconditionally. Have I assumed something incorrectly? I'm pretty sure that I'm at least handling the waypoint ID's correctly - I push and pop from the queue's front... Let me know if you want to see some code. (There's quite a bit of it I think.) Thanks. :Edit: Oops..errr yeah that's definitely wrong. Nevermind. [Edited by - ITGER on March 26, 2005 5:31:15 PM]

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