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3D Texture Gradient computation on the fly

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Hi, I've been wondering if given a 3D texture and a shader pointing to one of its voxel, I could compute the gradient on the fly(most likely I'll be using a central difference). After looking at the GLSL spec, I found out the noise an backward/forward differences functions but I cannot apply them here. Someone told me it could be done but couldn't say how... Does anyone knows about this technique? Thanks, Jeff.

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Well that is what I actually do but I was hoping for an optimised built in function.

When fetching my neighbors in a central difference, the differential steps are proportionnal to the texture size.
Like if I have a 128*64*32 3D texture the steps would be :
1/128, 1/64 and 1/32

Thats is what annoys me as the code should be general, and using a uniform vec3(GLSL convention) doesn't suit me as my shaders are already "heavy".
Any ideas would be welcome :-)

Cheers, Jeff.

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