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Updating radar program, DirectX 9 texture question

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Hello, I am new to this forum so forgive me if I don't explain this as clearly as I hope. I created a weather radar program a couple years back utilizing DirectDraw to lock a surface, plot the radar pixels from radar data, blit to a secondary back surface at the user defined zoom level, draw streets from map data depending on the zoom level, and finally blit to a primary surface. I was using C++. I would like to update my software using C# and DirectX 9. One of the problems I ran into with DirectDraw was the antialiasing that occured when you zoomed in on the radar, it created an extrememly fuzzy picture except for the streets which I draw after zooming the radar to keep the resolution of the streets constant (I also draw more secondary roads the more you are zoomed in). I had no control over how much antialiasing occured, I just wanted a little smoothing of the original radar surface. Here is my plan, I want to create and lock a texture using LockRectangle, then do my radar data drawing on it. I would then like to unlock it and apply it to a back surface at the desired zoom level, draw my streets on the back surface, and finally update the primary device. First of all , I have concerns if I am approaching this correctly. I am basically drawing 2D using Direct3D. I am not very familiar with using Direct3D in programming. From what I have read, it seems like I may have more control on the smoothing level a texture goes through as it is zoomed into. Do I need to create a textured quad on the backbuffer and then lock it to draw the streets? Also, do I use DrawPrimitive to draw my streets on the back buffer, or is there a better way? Once again, it is important that I don't draw the radar data and street data on the same surface as my roads will not look correct, I need the radar data to be less blocky as I zoom in but keep the streets as they are drawn.

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