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karan13    122
Well i am about to graduate with comp sci degree... and want to design games... i have quite a few books and am working on small pieces and trying to come up with some original games... i have a question though... i wanted to try and do a game from start to finish complete... like design documentation, templates, game design etc all the way down to coding... is there any books that do that or set of books that accomplish that... i know i can buy individual parts but i was wondering if anyone knew of a book that does that where it goes through a game from start to finish... like a popular game or something... i mean like there are some books out there which will give you design documentation of mario games and others too... but it would be cool to be able to follow that game from the design process to being completed... any clues about books or tutorials that do that... Thank You

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JimPrice    815
Hmm, not sure I can think of anything that follows a specific game off of the top of my head - the closest thing I can think of is Game Architecture and Design.

On a more technical side, there's Game Coding Complete, but that does concentrates more on the range of programming skills that you might need, as opposed to the full process of game development from start to finish.

The other thing might be finding some back-issues of Game Developer magazine, and look for their post-mortem sections. Those are usually pretty detailed breakdowns of recent games, in a 'what-worked, what didn't' kinda-way. I believe there might be some of these on the 'net - try a quick google, maybe have a look at GamaSutra - I believe some of them crop up there every now and again.

Hope that's of at least some help,

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