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how to resize 2D sprite

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Original post by Emil_Halim
a few days ago i learned how to rotate 2D , Now i want Resizing.
Your rotation function can do scaling too. Just multiply the cos/sin rotation vector by a scaling constant.
It's not as efficient as a decicated a sprite scaler but at least you won't have to write much code.

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it works very well but you need to change the next line

outerDeltaV = -innerDeltaU;


outerDeltaV = innerDeltaU;


innerDeltaU = cos(3.14*2) * ScaleFactor;
innerDeltaV = sin(3.14*2) * ScaleFactor;

question :

how can i make 2 scale factors, one (ScaleX) for width and outher (ScaleY) for height.

thanks for help

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