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Visual C++ 2k5

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I've downloaded MS Visual C++ 2005 express edition to discover what is hidden in that pandora box. As soon as I installed that product I was highly excited by it's design and organization. BUT :( 2k5 version totally supports .NET 1.1 and new .NET 2.0 development(it won't install w\o .net 2.0 SDK) and may support win32 applications but doesn't contain windows platform SDK(MS tried to make product weightless for testing). SO I copied full Win SDK from Visual Studio.Net (not 2002 or 2003 or 2005. just first of .net studios) and linked it properly in 2k5 environment. Useless. When I try to compile win32 clean application I get 20 errors (w\o Win SDK compiler could not find headers, now he is raving...)

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