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Following the previous post on the name for a special place players allowed to use their skill points here is my idea: Players develop skills by exchanging their currently accumulated experience for skill points. Such exchange will basically take place at special locations. 1. Each skill type should have its own exchange ratio. This will hopefully allow us to balance the evolution process. 2. The exchange ratios should also be different for different locations. It might encourage players to travel more 3. The most important thing about the exchange ratios that they have to depend on how advanced the player is. Here are some options: 3.1. The ratio depends on the current skill value the player has. 3.2. The ratio depends on some other parameter reflecting this player's total advancement. 3.3. Both options may apply. 4. Skills available for improvement vary in each special location. Actually, probably only the available groups should vary, not individual skills. However there has to be some basic set which is the same for all of them. Currently, the experience generated only out of fighting and not by applying the skills. Maybe this is not as good as it could be but it helps to keep things easy. It would be great for example to generate experience for each skill (or a group of skills) separately and then use it for skill points only in this skill (or group). It's nice for sure but a little bit complicated. What do you think about this?

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