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Alright. I'm an ITT Tech student going for my bachelors in Game Design. I bought 3ds Max Bible and installed the trial version of Max on my computer. I then immediately did the tutorial on page 338. I started with modeling because I'm taking a class in 3d modeling, so anyway I attempt to make a flower bouqet following the instructions. I get to the part where I have to drag the middle vertex down, and it doesn't do it. I click on the select and move tool and tried it again and it really didn't work well at all. I noticed that on the trial version the gizmo is never active. I tried all the hotkeys to get the gizmo up and it doesn't do it. So I go over to ITT Tech and use the educational version of Max they have on their computers, and it worked fine. I'm like wtf?! Why won't the gizmo work on the trial version? What's the deal here?

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