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Logitech mouse and message handling in sample framework

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Hi, A few days ago, I noticed a strange thing. I was working on the improvement of the UI of the "empty project" (given in the february 2005 SDK) and I noticed that when I simply move my mouse all around my DirectX window (move it really fast) my FPS fell down to ... 10 FPS !! (was more than 800FPS without doing anything) So I thought I introduced a bug in my modifications, but it wasn't that : I used the logitech driver to set my mouse sampling to 200, instead of 40 (I don't know the right english translation for that, but the ones who are using a logitech mouse / driver with PS/2 can find that in the "movement" tab of the mouse configuration) And when I turned it back to 40, it was all perfect ... And I don't understand, because all the games i'm playing work perfectly, even I move my mouse like crazy ... So I think it's a problem with the message handling in the DirectX empty project, but I didn't find where it came frome ... So if anyone has an answer ... ^^ .:: Paic Citron ::.

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