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[web] web page resolution

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hello everyone. in my college i'm asked to design a web page that can run on 800x600 and 1024x800 resolution. can i design such web page normally or do i have to know some other html skills? thank you

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You can design such a webpage 'normally', however, it might help to be using CSS/HTML rather than plain HTML (which you should really be doing anyway).

Your options are either:
-Create a webpage which fits into 800x600, and then somehow pad it out on 1024x768 displays (often this is achieved by centering the design if there is extra space - I've also seen sites where the space on the right is simply left blank).

-Create a webpage with a liquid layout. A liquid layout uses percentage values, and so it will adjust according to the size of the viewport it's in. Theoretically it should work on any resolution, but there are certain issues with this, such as the fact that images don't scale (you can make them do so, but it's tricky and often has somewhat poor results). Generally supporting 800x600 (the most common resolution), 1024x768 (very popular), and the nextone or two up from there is quite easy with this method though.

-Use scripting (javascript is common for this) to detect the users resolution, and use an appropriate stylesheet (or redirect to an appropriate page if you can't use stylesheets) based on that information. This option is considered bad design, and is somewhat of an annoyance to users - I'd highly advise not using it.

I'd try to go with a liquid layout, but a fixed-width (the height doesn't really matter, vertical scrolling isn't so much of an evil as horizontal, and is often neccesary) design can also be very good, and can sometimes be easier to create. Don't forget to actually test your layout in each resolution - just because it theoretically should work doesn't mean it will, you might have to make small adjustments. If you can, test in a few browsers, but the main ones to have working are probably IE and Mozilla/Firefox (you can get Firefox for free).

Oh, and just for future reference, we have a Web Development forum tucked away down under Special Interest where many members don't notice it. If you need them, W3Schools have some excellent online documentation on both HTML and CSS (not to mention XHTML if you're interested).

Hope that's of some help to you, good luck. [smile]

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