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3DAudio stopped working?

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Did anyone else notice the 3DAudio in DirectMusic (DirectX9.0c) ceased to work in 2005? The stereo sound is still there, but the more advanced HRTF (head related transfer function) filtering seems to be gone. There is no distinction between sound coming from above or below, and there was a very clear one in 2004. Also the stereo effect seems to be based purely on the intensity difference (it does not seem to utilize the phase shift and various frequency responses). I created the 3D audio path DMUS_APATH_DYNAMIC_3D. At first I was sure it was due to a fault in my own code (I'm writing a simulator of an electronic travel aid for the blind), but the problem occurs also with the 3DAudio demo from the DirectX SDK (Microsoft DirectX 9.0 SDK Source: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectMusic\3DAudio). I have tested this on 3 other computers and the same problem occurs. The sound is till played in the audio path, but the spatial effect is gone, with only a simplified stereo remaining. Can anyone confirm this problem? (Just download the 3DAudio sample from the microsoft directX site, wear headphones, listen to the virtual sound source orbiting your head, set the horizontal movement to 0 so that the source moves only up and down, do you hear any difference?) Is there any explanation/fix to this? Thank you in advance for any advice.

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