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Mesh File Creation

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I've created an application using DirectX, that allows the users to draw 2D trace 2D floor diagrams and then it goes through the x,y points and produces a 3D mesh (.X) file (complete with wall width and height, etc). I would like to include 3rd party mesh files in the floor plan. So say they drop a sweet chair into the 2D floor plan (represented as some type of 2D icon) I want to incorporate that into the 3D floor plan - correctly situated on the plan. Is DirectX the correct API to be using for this type of application? Are there other, better, scene graph api's available? I'm new to the whole 3D thing and have no training. I do have the math background, but I'm still lost when it comes the whole low-level api's vs. scene graph api's vs game engines, etc. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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