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Simple scripting language, 3D environ, contest too!

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If you want a really simple scripting language to work with, try out LSL (Linden Scripting Language) inside the online game world Second Life. It's a 3D environment that uses Havok physics and has an already-placed MMO fanbase that can come to whatever game you make whenever you, or they, want. The scripting is event based, seems simplistic when you first start to learn it, but has enough complex functions that you can create pretty much any game you want. I've made a few myself that are pretty popular and they net me a good amount of in-world cashola. Anyway, the reason any of you ought to be interested in this language (other than the ease of use and flexibility) is because of a contest that the world has comming up pretty soon. You can check out the rules here: Link Give a good enough pitch for your game and you can get free accounts for you and your dev team, but I suggest you at least get a trial account so you know whether or not you want to get into this thing. Credit card information is only required as the world is currently 18+ only (for reasons the internet ought to be 18+ only ;) haha). Plus, as a regular resident of the world, I really want to see some awesome games this comming competition and I think I can see the best stuff from you folks :) Thanks for reading and good luck to anyone here who gets in!

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