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Jets, Guns, and Rock and Roll!

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Jets, Guns, and Rock and Roll! March 30th, 2005 (Prague, Czech Republic) – Rake in Grass Games (www.rakeingrass.com) has announced Jets N’ Guns, a fast action side-scrolling shooter, is available to purchase from their website. In a genre known to be stuck in the last millennia, Jets N’ Guns brings side-scrollers to the modern day with an incredible sound track, blazing special effects, and a weapon variety to die for. You, a heroic mercenary bounty hunter, are thrust into a world of pirate greed and corruption, where a super-weapon may bring a cataclysmic end to a lot of the universe. Hired as a space privateer you must steal a prototype ship from a heavily guarded facility. If and when you make it out with your new toy intact the real fun begins as you battle your way through a nearly endless horde of pirates, villains, and criminals, all the while listening to a soundtrack by metal band Machinae Supremacy (www.machinaesupremacy.com). In Jets and Guns you earn money for killing and destroying everything. The more money you make the more you can upgrade your ship with new armor, guns, bombs, missiles, cooling systems, shields, and so much more. In total there are over 57 different weapons and 19 special devises to use to the fullest. You’ll need them to blast your way through 200 different enemies across 21 long levels of play with three difficulty settings! The universe’s fate rests in your hands, save the world and pocket a few million credits to do it! Jets and Guns is a blazingly fast action game where explosions fill the screen as your guns bring jets crashing down into the landscape. Check out http://jng.rakeingrass.com for the free demo and more information on this new age classic!

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