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List of cvs modules? How hard can it be?

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For some time now I've been trying to figure out a way to get a complete list of modules available on a cvs sever... The modules file works some times, but not always... Not every server use that file. Commands like "cvs history -c -a -l" will result in an entry for every file on the server. And if you're trying this on a large server it will be a pretty long list... So is there a 100% fool proof way of getting a list of modules from a cvs server? /koo

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well, I'm running samba on the same server that handles CVS, so I have an hourly cron task running:

(note: the paths will most likely be way off, I'm using Server Optimized Linux)

[listing of catCVS]
ls /server/cvs/cvsroot | grep -v CVSROOT > /mnt/samba/CVSProjectList.txt
[end listing]

So every hour, the text file is updated with the listing of all projects hosted there. I'm sure you could do the same thing with a webpage as with a text file. There are also web modules for doing CVS stuff, 2 of which work with TortoiseCVS, but I don't recall the names offhand.

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