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Timers and enemy spawning

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I have a question that's not really specific to any API or platform, just...game development. I'm making a Space Invaders type thing, and I've got different types of enemies (they move at different speeds, have corresponding point values, and so on). My question is, how can I decently handle the spawning of these enemies? Right now I have two enemies and two timers, one for each type of enemy. I'm sure there is some smarter way of doing this. Here's a bit of the code I have:
       enemy[0].alive = true;
       enemy[0].x = -enemy[0].width;
       enemy[0].y = 15;
       timer1 = 0; 
       enemy[1].alive = true;
       enemy[1].x = -enemy[1].width;
       enemy[1].y = 10;
    timer1 += DELAY;
    timer2 += DELAY; 

So it spawns an enemy[0] every 4 seconds and an enemy[1] every 6 seconds. But is there a less clunky way of doing this than what I've got here? (The DELAY is rest(20) if that matters) What do people normally do for this type of stuff?

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This is certainly not perfect, or perhaps even good, but I don't need timers much and it works:

in main game loop

if (r>33){
if (focused){
for (v=timers;v;v=v->next){
timetmp=(long *)v->data;

in secondary file

class ro_counter{
ro_counter(long inc=0){counter=inc;(new vine(TIMER,&counter))->top(&timers);}
long counter;
virtual ~ro_counter(){

Pardon my use of personal lists [and globals!] but the essense holds. Any class that needs a counter, simply inherits from the ro_counter class. The main game loop then updates the counters all together. The classes themselves can then do whatever they'd like with the counter in their own code [usually in ->update() or ->render()]

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