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Direct3d and gdi alignment

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I am somewhat new to directx(version 9) programming... I've done some but one thing is truely puzzling me. I am writing a simple app to demonstrate positions of things (for my own benefit is why), and I am unable to get the gdi and directx coordinates to match. I tried the -0.5f adjustment for re-aligning my image but it is not working. Here is what I do, I fill up a vertex buffer (just one quad) with 4 transformed vertcies, and I keep this same rectangle for the gdi to draw as well. Unfortunately the GDI and the rectangle rendered are offset in the y-direction. I suppose it would help to note this is all 2-d work, no 3-d yet. The x-coordinates match up nicely, however the y-coodrinates do not. The top of my gdi rectangle (denoted by -'s) and the top of the directx rendered object (denoted by x's) you would see this at the top of the window.. xxxxxxxxxxxxx ------------- but near the bottom of the screen it becomes exaggerated... xxxxxxxxxxxxx ------------- such as that, i want them to be aligned like this... -x-x-x-x-x-x- i.e. the same but, I cannot seem to find anything that helps, (been searching for at least a week on this, perhaps I am using the wrong search terms, but I see nothing around on google, here or any other place...) Thanks in advance, any information regarding alignment would be awesome!

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