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variable scope?

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what's wrong with this code? static int yes; if ( yes == 0 ) { cGraphics Graphics(m_Wnd); Graphics.Init(); Graphics.SetBufferSize(1024, 768); Graphics.CreateDevice(); cTexture Texture; Texture.Init(&Graphics); Texture.Load("Back.bmp", 0); cSprite Sprite; Sprite.Init(&Graphics); yes = 1; } whenever i try to access the variable "Graphics" from outside the if statment, it doesn't work... how would i be able to declare it once, but still have it only declared once without having to put an if statement?

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Since Graphics is declared within those braces, it only exists within those braces and will be freed when that section of code is completed. If you want it to exist outside of that scope, then you need to declare it outside of that scope. I'm guessing you're pretty new to C++ and I'd recommend that you spend a while studying it before you jump into DirectX.

BTW, this question has nothing to do with DirectX and really isn't appropriate here.

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How about this? :

static int yes;
cGraphics* Graphics;
cTexture* Texture;
cSprite* Sprite;

if ( yes == 0 )
cGraphics = new Graphics(m_Wnd);
Graphics->SetBufferSize(1024, 768);

cTexture = new Texture;
Texture->Load("Back.bmp", 0);

cSprite = new Sprite;

yes = 1;

//Access the objects here
Graphics->RenderSpriteWithTexture(Sprite, Texture);

//Clean Up
delete Texture;
delete Sprite;
delete Graphics;

Hope that helps

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well, the only problem with that code is see, all that code is in the cApp::Frame() function, and will be executed every frame. I want to be able to initialize everything (either before the VERY first frame and be able to see it in the frame function) or within the frame function and have it just do a check to see if it's been initiallized.

As for me being a noobie, i've been coding in C++ for a while, but i had to stop for a few months to learn DirectX, i spent all that time reading and haven't had time to practice C++ so i forgot some concepts :-P

And sry for putting it in DirectX forum, i wasn't thinking, i just thought it was appropriate cuz i have my Engine which handles directX code in there (an example that i've been coding for a while, i made my own little engine a while ago :-P)

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i think i have an idea for my own question, i will make those variables member variables, that way they will be visible to the whole class AND to all functinos :)

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