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what does PM mean??

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Context ?


PM Particulate Matter
PM Past Master
PM Personal Message (IRC)
PM Police Magistrate
PM Post Meridiem (period from noon to midnight)
PM Postmaster
PM Postmistress
PM Postmortem
PM Pour Memoir (French: For Memory; response to RSVP)
PM Prime Minister
PM Provost Marshal
PM St. Pierre and Miquelon (ISO country code, top level domain name)
PM Maximum Power
PM Pacemaker
PM PacMan
PM PageMaker (Adobe software)
PM Pain Management
PM Palliative Medicine
PM Palm Mute (guitar technique)
PM Palma de Mallorca (Spain)
PM Panama
PM Paper Machine
PM Paper Mario (N64 game)
PM parallel track multiunit (US DoD)
PM Paramedic
PM PartitionMagic (PowerQuest)
PM passage material (US DoD)
PM Passmonster (security software)
PM patient movement (US DoD)
PM Patriot Missile
PM Patternmaker (USN Rating)
PM Paymaster
PM Penalty Minutes (hockey)
PM Pentium M (Intel processor)
PM People Meter
PM Peoplemover
PM Per Month
PM Perception Management (corporate communications)
PM Performance Management
PM Performance Margin
PM Performance Measurement
PM Performance Meeting
PM Performance Monitoring
PM Periodic Maintenance
PM PERL Module
PM Permanent Magnet
PM Permanent Memory
PM Perpetual Motion
PM Perry Meridian (High School)
PM Petameter (10 E^15, one quadrillion meters)
PM Peter Moosleitner's Magazin (German science magazine)
PM Phase Modulation
PM Philippine Marine (indigenous Marine in the Philippines)
PM Phillip Morris
PM Phone Me
PM Photo Multiplier
PM Picometer
PM Pipe Major
PM Planned Maintenance
PM Planning Module
PM Plant Miscellaneous
PM Platform Model (Object Management Group)
PM Playmore Corporation (Japan)
PM Plus Minus (hockey goals scored while player on/off ice)
PM Pocket Monsters (Pokémon)
PM Pohjoismaiden Mestaruus (Finnish: Nordic Championship)
PM Policia Militar
PM Policy Manual
PM Polymyositis (Immune disease causing muscle inflammation)
PM Pontifex Maximus
PM Popular Mechanics (magazine)
PM Portfolio Manager
PM Powder Metallurgy
PM Power Macintosh (Apple)
PM Power Management
PM Power Mirror
PM Power Module
PM Practice Management
PM Precious Metals
PM Preço de Mercado (Portuguese: Market Price)
PM Presentation Manager (OS/2)
PM Pressure Meter
PM Pressure Multiplier
PM Preventative Maintenance
PM Preventive Maintenance
PM Preventive Medicine
PM Price Match
PM Prime Meridian (magazine)
PM Prime Meridian (zero longitude)
PM Prime Mover
PM Primeiro-Ministro (Portugal)
PM Princess Mononoke
PM Printed Matter
PM Priority Mail (USPS)
PM Private Message
PM Problem Management
PM Procedures Manual
PM Process Model
PM Product Manager
PM Production Management
PM Production Manager
PM Production Meeting
PM Production Model
PM Program Manager
PM Program Memorandum
PM Program Memory
PM Progressive Maintenance
PM Project Management
PM Project Manager
PM Project Master
PM Project Memo
PM Promethium
PM Properties Master (theatre)
PM Property Manager
PM Proposed Monitor
PM Propulsion Module
PM Protocol Machine
PM Pubblico Ministero (Italian: Public Prosecutor)
PM Pulp Mill
PM Pulpomesial
PM Pulse Modulation
PM Purchase Memorandum
PM Pure Math
PM Purpose-Made
PM Push Me
PM Push Money
PM Sisters of the Presentation of Mary (religious order)

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PM = Private Message
AP = Annonymous Poster
OP = Original/Opening Post (or Original/Opening Poster)

Those are all pretty commonly used here.

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I don't see Post Meridiem (afternoon) o_O am blind.

[Edited by - Zahlman on April 1, 2005 1:27:06 AM]

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Original post by Zahlman
I don't see Post Meridiem (afternoon) o_O

It's right near the top.

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