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Help with Collision

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I'm kinda new to 3d graphics... Can someone point me to some good articles about matrix functions and how to place items in the world coordinates. And then how to place a ray (used for collision) in the right coordinates so it hits a level underneath the camera. If I change the level's scale or I translate it then how do I change the ray's coordinates so it will be in the same place as the level. Here's what I think I'm doing: I setup all the matrices D3DXMATRIX WorldMatrix; D3DXMATRIX ScaleMatrix; D3DXMATRIX RotationMatrix; D3DXMATRIX RotationMatrix; I enter some coordinates which I want for the level, example scaling: D3DXMatrixScaling(ScaleMatrix, 2.0f, 2.0f, 2.0f); Then I multiply all the matrices to get the world matrix: D3DXMatrixMultiply(&WorldMatrix, &ScaleMatrix, &RotationMatrix); D3DXMatrixMultiply(&WorldMatrix, &WorldMatrix, &TranslationMatrix); then I update the current world with: IDirect3DDevice8::SetTransform(D3DTS_WORLD,WorldMatrix) and I render 1 thing, I update using this function again if an item has different scaling and I render again. So I never have to use any functions to multiply an object by the world matrix... DirectX does it for me? Now comes the hard part. How do I update the ray so it works correctly with each 3d object? I'm using the function: D3DXIntersect(Mesh1->m_Meshes->m_Mesh, &D3DXVECTOR3(XPos,YPos,ZPos), &D3DXVECTOR3(0.0f, -1.0f, 0.0f), &Hit, &FaceIndex, &u, &v, &Dist); And collision works well if I use 0,0,0 for all matrices. But once I change the scale or if I decide to translate the level then this collision function stops working.. So How do I upodate? I have D3DXMATRIX WorldMatrix and I have D3DXVECTOR3(XPos,YPos,ZPos). Do I use D3DXMatrixTranspose(matTransposed, WorldMatrix); How do I multiply the ray by the correct matrix so it works fine? Which functions accomplish this? I think a good tutorial about this would be best :)

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