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A couple of questions for some console knowledgeable people

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1. I heard the PS2 is supposed to have the ability to process 70 million polygons on the screen at any given time, and the GC can only do like 12 million, yet time and time again, the GC looks several times better than the PS2. Why is that? 2. Are bits of any relevence nowadays when measuring a console's power? I.e. 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit, etc.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
1. The GC can do much more with each polygon. PS2 only has single-texturing.
2. Not really. Bits depend on where you measure.. PS2 has one bus that is 2560 (yes > 2000) bits wide, the main CPU is 64/128-bit.
XBox has a 32-bit CPU yet is more powerful than PS2 in most ways due to higher clock frequency, out-of-order execution and a more powerful graphics chip.

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Original post by Hellmaster
So what are the factors that can make graphics look good on a system. Like is cache size and memory and stuff important?


- PS2 has excellent vertex pipe programmability (vector units) and only basic pixel pipe programmability (fixed single texture).

- GameCube has basic vertex pipe programmability (fixed function) and pretty good pixel pipe programmability (8x multi-texture + 16 fixed combiners + indirect texturing).

- Xbox has good vertex pipe programmability (vertex shaders) and excellent pixel pipe programmability (pixel shaders).

Amount of RAM:

Textures take up memory, lots of memory. If the platform you're using doesn't have much memory, you have to do things like reduce the dimensions of your textures for that platform and/or use palettised textures.

Fill rate/video memory bandwidth:

The more the hardware has, the more frame buffer blending you can perform (i.e. transparent things, glowing things etc).

PS2 has tons of fill rate available; Xbox has a reasonable amount of fill rate available; GameCube has a reasonable amount of fill rate available.

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