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Detecting supported shader-models

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I've been toying around with shaders, and now I want to make a full implementation. But, in order to make fallback available, I want to be able to find out wether a certain shader model is supported. Now, the only function I can find is D3DXGetPixelShaderProfile, but that one only tells me what the maximum version is. As the hardware develops, I won't just be able to say "if D3DXGetPixelShaderProfile == "ps_3_0" then ok"... So, is there a way to find out if, say "ps_2_0" is supported by my hardware? Thanks in advance Nizro

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1) call: IDirect3DDevice9::GetDeviceCaps or IDirect3D9::GetDeviceCaps

2) the VertexShaderVersion and PixelShaderVersion members of the D3DCAPS9 returned from GetDeviceCaps tells you the highest shader version that device is capable of.

3) Use the D3DVS_VERSION and D3DPS_VERSION macros to create a version number

4) example:

D3DCAPS9 caps;
// check whether the hardware can do pixel shader 1.4 and above
if (caps.PixelShaderVersion < D3DPS_VERSION(1,4))
ERROR("this application requires at least pixel shader 1.4 capable hardware");

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