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Game Developers Conference in Moscow

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On 1st of April one of the biggest Game Developers Conference in Eastern Europe was held in Moscow. Do anyone, except me, interested in it? I could show a lot of information about it and it's decision

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I'm slightly interested. If you post a writeup I'm sure it can go into the Articles section.

It's my belief that Russia is going places with respect to software development.

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The third Conference of Developers of the Computer Games (КРИ), last from April, 1 till April 3d in Moscow, has pleasantly surprised us as much us it colud ever be; has pleased, with something shocked, and as a whole - has shown, that GDC lives, grows, will live and will grow, every year.
Smartly made boards, mass of competitions fot public (by the way, despite of GDC action(share) with free-of-face-control passage for dear readers, for the second day organizers have protested and have strictly forbidden to let children on an exhibition)
Stands devoted to games chanhed dynamically , if on Saturday stand "Nival" (Russian Game Developer) has been devoted exclusively to " Night Patrol " , next day it facec "Blitzkrieg 2" in all beauty.
Platinum sponsor of GDC third year in a row was Intel which was represented by David Rajn, director Software Enabling in region EMEA. David has noted, that level of GDC every year becomes higher.
Gennady Riger, representative ATI in Russia, has told, that it is pleasant for it(him) to come to be again not only among the best experts of the game industry, but also among friends.
The representative of company PlayMobile, has paid attention to the market of mobile games which revolution the last year has made about $280 million. And it in Russia only.
GDC, in general, was fair of designers and developers. Young developers, being frightened modestly show "their dev children" on the small stand consisting of the monitor and the system block. Large developers established big, closed "box-rooms" and put there some computers and showed projects. However, in some cases access to "a body" wass given only for elected - as it was with Heroes of Might and Magic 5. Its now forbidden to tell anything about these game, except some facts and screenshots.

However there were a lot of not less attractive products. So, for example, « Pirates of XXI century », shown on the stand of " the New Disk », pleased an eye not only as a mad-action and licensed engine Havok, but also by excellent picture which was compared with FarCry. On the same stand game « Night Patrol Racing » was presented.

Opposite to the stand of " the New Disk » company " Nival " showing already mentioned « Night Patrol » has settled down a great stand of : « Blitzkrieg 2 ». Company " Akella ", continuing sea traditions, showed game « the Sea hunter ».

Mobile games have been presented by several developers, but because of an enhanced attention to РС-designs, practically nobody visited(attended) their stands. Nevertheless, it is necessary to note game « Mobile Sphere », developed by company " Nikita ".

GDC Results the following:

The best game for PC. (the Nomination from company Intel). Parkan II
The best company - developer : Nival Interactive
The best company - publisher : 1C
The best company - localizer : "Акелла"
Prize from industry « Space Rangers 2: Dominators »
Prize from press « the New Disk »
The best game : Heroes of Might and Magic 5
The best foreign game : Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
The best game for game consoles : American Chopper
The best game for portable platforms : « Sphere Mobile »
The best debut "Stalingrad"
The best game without publisher « Brave gnomes»
The most non-standard design « Sea Utopia »
The best game design « In rear of the enemy 2 »
The best technology : « the Sea hunter »
The best sound : « Corsairs III ».

SOurce: www.ixbt.com

I'm not an English man so my article maybe difficult to understand, 'cause I translated it from russian half-manualy 8).
One of the most remarkable game presented there was Heroes of Might and Magic 5 (US developers refused to continue HOMM serie, so it was developed by russian NIVAL). Just Look to the screenshots (At first glance it's Etherlords3, but not HOMM5 ):


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