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Hypersherical Coordinates

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Hi I'm working on a 4D problem and I'm can't figure out the conversion from cartesian to hyperspherical. Any and all help would be apprieciated.

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There must be many different favours of them(with different ordering of things).

Most logical one:
convert x,y,z part to spherical coordinates a,b then find
and compute r=sqrt(x*x+y*y+z*z+w*w)
so you have hyperspherical coordinates

That is,
// and so on for higher dimensions
// now, compute r

where atan2(y,x) = +/- atan(y/x) . atan2 just gives correct signs of angle for x and y in all quadrants. (example: atan(-1 / -1)=atan(1)=pi/4=45 degrees. And atan2(-1,-1)= pi*5/4 = 225 degrees)

Back conversion from hyperspherical to spherical:
z=sin(b); x*=cos(b); y*=cos(b);
w=sin(c); x*=cos(c); y*=cos(c); z*=cos(c);
// and so-on for higher dimensions.

//finally scale by r:
x*=r; y*=r; z*=r; w*=r;

Note: i wrote it using "*=" to clarify idea of extending to higher dimensions.

BTW, why you need them? Doesn't look like thing that is "more intuitive" (simpler to work with) than 4D Cartesian.

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Awesome thanks. I'm working on making a model of the solutions to the Schrodinger equation with coloumb potentials. The equations are more naturally solvable in spherical than cartesian coords. Now to compute the laplacian. Wish me luck.

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