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Overloading woes

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I'm making a string class and the following piece of code is giving me trouble (or at least it's making my compiler give me trouble.) I have:

wchar_t& operator [] (unsigned int);
wchar_t operator [] (unsigned int) const;

for accessing characters, but when i do this:
String astring = L"Hello Unicode World";
astring[3] = L'#';
<- this gives me trouble. I get:
Main.cpp(18) : error C2666: 'Axiverse::String::operator`[]'' : 4 overloads have
similar conversions
        ...\String.h(29): could be 'wchar_t Axiverse::String::operator [](unsigned int) const'
        ...\String.h(28): or       'wchar_t &Axiverse::String::operator [](unsigned int)'
        or       'built-in C++ operator[(wchar_t, int)'
        or       'built-in C++ operator[(wchar_t, int)'
        while trying to match the argument list '(Axiverse::String, int)'

how do i get it to just choose one of mine? Essentiall they are the same, only one allows user modification and the other one does not.

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Do you also have an implicit conversion to wchar_t*? If so, the compiler doesn't know whether it should match 'String::operator[](3)' or '(String::operator wchar_t*())[3]'

EDIT: There are 4 matches because the compiler considers the const versions of these functions as well.

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