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dInput and openAL problem

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I use DirectInput for mouse/keyboard and OpenAL for sound. I have the following problem: In my game - I check the keyboard and mouse - if correct button/key then = play a fire bullet sound: Note that both options call the same function. In addition both options work correctly - I can see things get shot and = die using the mouse and the keyboard. However, the mouse option results in a choppy barely audible sound, = whereas the keypress results in a perfect sound. Obviously I'd like both to work ! Note that both keypress and mouse are recognised correctly and apart from the sound they both work well. I downloaded the latest directx sdk and that made no difference either. (if you're bored you can download the game and openal at ~ 40 seconds) Thanks Ade
OnMouseDownL(float x, float y)

OnKeyDown(int nVirtKey)
case VK_NUMPAD1:
case DIK_M:


if ((bulletTime > 0.1f) && (bulletsRemaining>0))
//check for collisions etc

//OPENAL sound-
//now play it
ALuint ret =3D AL_NONE;
ALint value;
//check to see if source is currently playing if so then don't play =
(void)alGetSourcei(PlayerSrc[SOUND_SRC_GUN], AL_SOURCE_STATE, &value);
if (value !=3D AL_PLAYING)
   //ie don't start it if it's already playing
return ret;

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